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Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) is the largest union and professional association for registered nurses and healthcare professionals in Michigan. MNA is nonpartisan and endorses candidates based on support for MNA's legislative priorities as set by members.

The screening process includes a thorough candidate evaluation by members of the MNA PAC Board of Trustees. Those trustees make recommendations to the elected MNA Board of Directors, who make the final decision. Multiple factors go into an endorsement decision, and MNA does not make endorsements in every race.

​To learn more about voting in Michigan, visit You can also confirm your voter registration there, find out how to vote absentee, and learn your polling place. ​

How Nurses Endorse

Why Should Nurses Care About Elections

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Governor: Gretchen Whitmer

Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General: Dana Nessel

Michigan Supreme Court: Justice Richard Bernstein and Kyra Bolden

State Senate

Senate District 1 – Erika Geiss

Senate District 2 – Sylvia Santana

Senate District 3 – Stephanie Chang

Senate District 4 – Darrin Camilleri

Senate District 5 – Dayna Polehanki

Senate District 6 – Mary Cavanagh

Senate District 7 – Jeremy Moss

Senate District 8 – Mallory McMorrow

Senate District 9 – Padma Kuppa

Senate District 10 – Paul Wojno

Senate District 12 – Kevin Hertel

Senate District 11 – Veronica Klinefelt

Senate District 13 – Rosemary Bayer

Senate District 14 – Sue Shink

Senate District 15 – Jeff Irwin

Senate District 19 – Sean McCann

Senate District 21 – Sarah Anthony

Senate District 27 – John Cherry

Senate District 28 – Sam Singh

Senate District 29 – Winnie Brinks

Senate District 30 – David LaGrand

Senate District 32 – Terry Sabo

Senate District 35 – Kristen McDonald Rivet

Senate District 34 – Roger Hauck

Senate District 38 – Ed McBroom

Local Races

Ann Arbor Public Schools – Jeremy Lapham

State House

House District 1 – Tyrone Carter

House District 2 – Tulio Liberati

House District 4 – Karen Whitsett

House District 6 – Regina Weiss

House District 7 – Helena Scott

House District 9 – Abraham Aiyash

House District 10 – Joe Tate

House District 12 – Richard Steenland

House District 13 – Lori Stone

House District 16 – Stephanie Young

House District 17 – Laurie Pohutsky

House District 18 – Jason Hoskins

House District 19 – Samantha Steckloff

House District 21 – Kelly Breen

House District 22 – Matt Koleszar

House District 23 – Jason Morgan

House District 24 – Ranjeev Puri

House District 25 – Kevin Coleman

House District 27 – Jaime Churches

House District 28 – Rob Kull

House District 29 – Alex Garza

House District 31 – Reggie Miller

House District 32 – Jimmie Wilson Jr.

House District 33 – Felicia Brabec

House District 38 – Joey Andrews

House District 40 – Christine Morse

House District 41 – Julie Rogers

House District 44 – Jim Haadsma

House District 47 – Carrie Rheingans

House District 48 – Jennifer Conlin

House District 53 – Brenda Carter

House District 54 – Shadia Martini

House District 56 – Sharon MacDonnell

House District 57 – Aisha Farooqi

House District 58 – Nate Shannon

House District 61 – Denise Mentzer

House District 70 – Cynthia Neeley

House District 73 – Julie Brixie

House District 74 – Kara Hope

House District 75 – Penelope Tsernoglou

House District 76 – Angela Witwer

House District 81 – Rachel Hood

House District 83 – John Fitzgerald

House District 84 – Carol Glanville

House District 87 – Will Snyder

House District 92 – Anthony Feig

House District 94 – Amos O’Neal

House District 103 – Betsy Coffia

How NURSES Endorse

The elected MNA Board of Directors, on recommendations from members on the Political Action Committee Board of Trustees, vote to endorse based on criteria including the following: 

  • Support for public policy priorities such as the Safe Patient Care Act, which would establish safe patient assignment limits, curb forced RN overtime and require hospitals to release their RN-to-patient ratios.

  • A commitment to social and economic justice principles that guide the building of a healthy, prosperous society for all.

  • Support for collective bargaining rights to ensure that nurses and health professionals have a voice in the workplace and can effectively advocate for patients, pushing back against the health care industry’s growing drive to make money at all costs.

Why should NURSES care about elections?

For better or for worse, the decisions made in Lansing and Washington have a huge impact on frontline nurses and healthcare professionals. That is why, as the largest union and professional organization representing registered nurses and healthcare professionals across the state, the Michigan Nurses Association makes political endorsements based on criteria set by members. 


MNA strives to work with all lawmakers, regardless of party, to advance public policy that supports nurses and healthcare professionals, patients and all workers.

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