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The Michigan Nurses Association Political Action Committee (“PAC”) is the non-partisan political action arm of MNA, run by member-leaders.

We're working to put more leaders who support health professionals in power and make the voice of Michigan's RNs and health professionals heard by legislators. After all, they make the decisions that affect our profession, practice and patients. That’s why we carefully screen candidates and endorse and contribute member-donated funds to those who advocate for us, not corporate interests. 

Make your voice heard!
It's urgent to make our voices heard.

The Michigan Nurses Association’s Political Action Committee (MNA PAC) is a voluntary fund that backs supportive candidates running for office. We support elected officials who will fight for members' priorities such as:

  • a ratio law to save lives (the Safe Patient Care Act);

  • ​policies to keep nurses and health professionals safe at work;

  • and collective bargaining, so MNA can continue to negotiate some of the best contracts in the state.

Without our support, it’s harder for elected officials to stand up to the powerful and well-funded hospital industry.

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association is consistently one of the top lobbying influences in Lansing, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence legislators. MHA actively opposes the
Safe Patient Care Act.

Nurses and health professionals need a strong voice, too!

NONE of your union dues money goes to candidates’ campaigns. The only funds we can use to support pro-nurse, pro-patient, pro-worker legislators come through voluntary donations from members. Please consider contributing to the PAC today so nurses and health professionals can have a strong voice, together.

Who Are We

Paid for with regulated funds by Michigan Nurses Association PAC, 2310 Jolly Oak Road, Okemos, MI 48864. Not authorized by any candidate committee.

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